Your Thought, Our Design

Athens Interior Design

A small efficient interior design team

Creating Inspirational Interiors

We are sensitive about beautiful, bold and yet obsequious interior design solutions that are tailored to your home and personality

Our team consists of professionals who know how to turn the usual into something special.

Our service starts with an analysis and finishes with an astonishing project


Furniture design, planning of bathrooms, kitchen and lighting, interior design, detailed planning.


Selection of materials, color schemes, furniture design, decoration and accessories.


2D Layouts, 3D perspectives.

We control the process of designing to make sure the work was done properly.

The designer’s project implementation services such as regular visiting of the object.

Guidance through construction contract procedure

Official approval of plans

Construction and architectural hearings and negotiations

Working with us you will bring you a perfect interior design.

We establish contact.

We discuss your problem and reason why you need our help, and see what option fits the best for your home.

We will send you information to tackle problem areas and create your dream home.

Now you can sit back and relax, being free to ask any questions during the process while I work on your dream home.

You are getting your renovated home.

About us

Roxanne Brown a professional designer in the interior design field, the owner of Athens Interior Design
Uniting with a team of designers, Roxanne decided to create her own ideas with her natural talent for taking bold design concepts and filling them with warmth and sense of home. The concept was obvious: simplify things, work directly with the makers and bring high-end lifestyle design to everyone, everywhere. Attention to detail is everything. We create good ideas and try to meet clients' expectations.

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